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Before Mossy Stone, before I even started working in multimedia, I worked in newsrooms. I carved out a spot for myself at the Sun Star as science reporter from 2010 to 2011 until I took over the copy editing position and focused more on mentorship. Even when I was working on production teams, I’d occasionally contribute blog posts.


Here’s a list of my published print/web work. I’ve also linked some personal projects at the bottom of the page.









“When Mathis teaches children, he sets them up with a beaker of seawater and instructs them to blow into it using straws. Carbon dioxide from the mouths of 40 children can give seawater the acidity of lemon juice.”

— Cold Ocean Chemistry: UAF tackles mystery of Alaska’s oceans



“If research is the backbone of UAF, regulation is its central nervous system. Animal research requires rules to tell it where to go, when to tense up, when to relax, and how to maneuver.”

— A safety net for animals

Personal Projects

“Juneau uses every available square inch to surprise visitors. Not only do mountains leap from the water, but they leap 4,000 feet over a dizzying short distance. The tide seeps in until wetlands become open water. Wee beasties in the ocean meet with shellfish and contaminate them with an inconspicuous, but not inconsequential, toxin.

That last point isn’t convenient for visitors to Juneau. After all, juxtaposition can be deadly, too.”

— Boreal Bites, Alaskans appreciate algal alliances from afar

  • Boreal Bites 2011-2014, an Alaska naturalist blog with a primarily place-based focus from my bases in Fairbanks and Juneau.